As part of MediaLab Helsinki’s ‘ZONE’ exhibition we explored the physical and psychological aspects of ‘zones’ by designing and creating an interactive apartment building.

Plug in and eavesdrop.

Our design recalled the interaction of old school switchboards, a plug is inserted into a patch and whatever is going on in that apartment is heard in the headphones. The interactivity was enabled with light sensors installed into all the jack sockets, which were interpreted by an Arduino and fed into a Pure Data patch, which then triggered the appropriate audio file.

I made all the audio, which were recordings of members of our group as well as some other actors. In some of the apartments conversations respond to the sounds from adjacent rooms which can be heard through the walls. Below are some pictures, as well as dramatic sounds from apartment 3.

In collaboration with:

  • Illona Partanen
  • Roupen Bastadjian
  • Kukka-Maria Rosenlund
  • Sanna Reponen
  • Marija Erjavec
  • Antti Ollikainen

Apartment 3

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