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The Congregation

Commissioned by Arts By The Sea, this multi-channel interactive installation appears at St Peter’s in central Bournemouth for one week from Friday 25th September.

Open daily 10am to 10pm. The best experience is after dark, as lighting comes into play.

Where is it?

The south entrance has morphed into a living forest with hundreds of creatures calling out to their kind, in chorus, reacting to each other and to visitors of this space. The 24 channels and speakers provide a spatial experience to help us remember the sonic wonder of a living forest.

For millenia, humans lived in vast forests, surrounded by countless creatures. Our modern lives are largely empty of this sonic vitality. Most of the sound we hear is our own. Our noise and our development has silenced much of the living world, and we miss it.

This artwork takes inspiration from Bernie Krause’s book ‘The Great Animal Orchestra’. Like instruments in an orchestra, animals in a forest occupy different sections of the spectral space. Each has its own unique call, which fits perfectly into the collective expression and can be heard through it.

It wasn’t until deep into this project that I realised St Peter’s church is the resting place of the celebrated writer Mary Shelley. Shelley spent a lot of time here but also in Bagni di Lucca, Italy. Bizzarely, this is where Jake Cartwright, my co-creator has lived for 12 years!

A huge thanks to Laura Basevi, who created the canopy. And to Jake Cartwright, who helped me create the physical installation.

Special thanks to Tim Kahn for his wonderful nature recordings, absolutely integral to this work.

THANK YOU to Heli Kaikula who created the image for this project, the one at the top of this page. Heli painted it with water colour, perfectly capturing what this installation is about.

Many thanks to Liam Birtles, Saint Peter’s Church and Jane MacDonald Styslinger, and of course Arts by the Sea.

Where is it?

St Peter’s is on Hinton Rd, Bournemouth BH1 2EE

Parking is available on Hinton Rd, or at the Central car park.


A release for Crónica and their Corollaries series. Arlene Tucker and I collaborated to create an audio experience that weaves surreal perceptions through fragments of reality. Our sound was layered, manipulated and processed manipulations of field recordings made by Active Crossover: Mooste. Listen or download it here!



As part of the Hackfest 2015 Video Poetry Marathon, I collaborated with Peruvian poet Zoila Forss to create ‘Infinito,’ based on two of her poems. We drew on open archives of old film footage and I cut this video poem, which was screened at the final Gala.

watch the video here


Photographer Costantinos Anastasakis launches his World Exhibition Tour.  Exhibition includes his work for the past 10 years, documenting the world through the eyes of its children.

The exhibition’s producer approached me just a few days before the launch asking if i could immediately come up with 20 minutes of original music to accompany Costa’s photographic exhibition that would be presented on two big screens outside the Gherkin building in London, for over a month.



SAFE is a developing circus project based in Melbourne. In November 2011 we worked up phase 1 of it’s development in Melbourne’s ‘Meat Market’. I came up with several new pieces of music in the period while the director and performers experimented and workshopped. Continue reading SAFE

‘LIFE SWAP’ offers a pain-free end to your life while reviving another

I scored this film for Laura Rinaldi in 2011. It’s a visually and thematically intriguing film about Jess, who has lost her will to live and so seeks assistance from Life Swap, a firm who will terminate her life and in doing so revive a terminally ill patient. But just before the big date she meets Boyd.
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Contemporary Circus project ‘Helmi’

Original soundtrack created for Henna Kaikula’s spectacular visual performance in Polverigi, Italy.

Jake Cartwright joined us along with set designer Jegi Pekkala in residence at Inteatro’s Villa Nappi in Polverigi, on the Adriatic coast in Italy. In the two month 2008 residence we created a performance based around Henna’s breathtaking handstand and contortion acrobatics. All the music was composed and recorded on site by Jake and Me. As well as the set, Jegi created a vast array of video imagery which he triggered and tweaked live during the show behind and in front of Henna’s movements.

We took the show to Helsinki in May 2009 where it was further adapted and refined. The selection of tracks below are a summary of the music we ended up using in the show.

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Reflections from a time long passed. ‘SPEGLINGAR’

I was asked to write some music that would capture a time and mood and it seemed to me the director was after some piano music from the Romantic period. So I thought long and hard about Frederic Chopin and tried to imagine the kind of world he lived in. Then set up two microphones on a friend’s piano in Prague and improvised in a Romantic style on a B flat minor sequence. If only they were horses on the cobblestones outside and not car after car. Continue reading Reflections from a time long passed. ‘SPEGLINGAR’