documentary film -The Forsa Initiative

Documentary film made by Michelle Coomber covering the Forsa project across six countries in the Arab region. It is funded by the UK on behalf of the G8 Deauville Partnership. I wrote the music for the film with Jacob Cartwright.

watch the film here

“Forsa is a UK-sponsored initiative and part of an overall commitment by G8 nations to support Arab countries in transition. It is intended to assist governments in ongoing efforts to improve the business environment, foster economic growth, and create sustainable private sector jobs.

Forsa‚Äôs central programme helps new entrepreneurs in Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Yemen and Libya connect with mentors who can provide them with guidance and expertise to help grow their businesses. Using a model successfully pioneered by the Mowgli Foundation, the programme will provide 12 months of mentoring support for a minimum of 250 entrepreneurs across the six countries by the end of 2014.”

visit forsa website here