Musician and composer with an ear for the unusual and the nerve to entwine it with the usual. Pianist, sound designer, multi-instrumentalist and interactive media artist. Currently at Aalto’s Media Lab in Helsinki doing a Masters Degree in New Media, integrating sound design with interactive programming and sensor triggered media design. Previously completed a degree in music composition and performance at the University of Melbourne then spent ten years moving around the world collecting and absorbing sounds and influences, mixing, melting and contributing to projects in music, theatre, film and circus. Working in faraway places and diving into cultures, living and breathing what enters the senses. Always looking for new, exciting projects and people to work with.

Please check out the projects on this site to see my work scoring contemporary circus and theatre, feature and documentary film, as well as the exciting world of interactive and new media arts.

Guy immediately understood the deepest voice of the movie and, with his compositions, he’s been able to suggest such a wide range of emotions, creating exactly the atmosphere I was looking for. I couldn’t even think about this movie without Guy’s scores.
Emiliano Galigani – director of The Imago

Guy’s music conveys the emotion and beautifully intensifies the power of my films.Michelle Coomber

“He created a whole new element to my film which amplified the dramatic tension and breathed life into my characters.” Laura Rinaldi

“He was able to take my conceptual and physical ideas and transform them into a powerful piece of music that inspired me. It gave the performance intensity that I was really able to lock in with.” Paul O’Keeffe