IMPLANTS is a sound installation I created for Zodiak Centre of New Dance, with support from Aalto University, situated at Antinniitty, Kannelmäki, Helsinki.

The Harvest Event – 17 & 18 September, 16:00

Where is it?

What is it?

IMPLANTS consists of 24 speakers placed in specific sound formations around the communal garden.


Each speaker is on an independent channel and so what you hear from one speaker is different to all the others. Some of the sounds scatter, some join forces with others, most of them move around in wide sweeps that are sometimes circular, sometimes linear.

soundfieldsThe sounds come from field recording libraries with kind permission: Crónica, Active Crossover, Maculay Library, as well as Dowsett’s own recordings and compositions. Thanks to Andy Farnell for his synthesised insect patches. Thanks to Arlene Tucker for our Active Crossover collaboration.

The speakers and sounds aren’t big impact, blockbuster or thunder. Visitors are encouraged to spend time relaxing in the garden and allow the sounds to move around. Sometimes it is quiet, sometimes subtle. Please allow some time for the sounds to emerge and surround you.

Where is it?

antinniittiAntinniitty is a short walk from Kaari, Kannelmäki (Kauppakeskus Kaari). Buses to Kaari include 36, 41, 43, 56, 31, 32, 36, 54, 554. It’s about 20 minutes bus ride from the centre of Helsinki. From Kannelmäki train station, it’s about a 15 minute walk to Antinniitty.

The Harvest Event is 17 and 18 September at 16:00.  some more info

The event will include music and dance performances, including Hanna Pajala-Assefa, who controls sounds with sensors attached to her body. Performances from professionals and locals, as well as some live acoustic bands (on the Saturday). The vegetables from the garden will be harvested and shared out.

About Minun Nimeni On

Minun Niemini On is part of Zodiak’s outreach programme. The garden is a community project where residents of the locale are encouraged and helped to create a large garden that produces vegetables and herbs for any local person to pick and enjoy.

Thanks Petteri Mäkiniemi for the photographs.