‘LIFE SWAP’ offers a pain-free end to your life while reviving another

I scored this film for Laura Rinaldi in 2011. It’s a visually and thematically intriguing film about Jess, who has lost her will to live and so seeks assistance from Life Swap, a firm who will terminate her life and in doing so revive a terminally ill patient. But just before the big date she meets Boyd.
A growing tension grips the unfolding drama in this film. Much of it is in silence. The music tends to surface when Jess (Cassandra Magrath) is on her own, and could be thought of as the sound of her feelings. At several points in the film an underlying sadness is bathed in light by something that makes life worth living, something beautiful. Sonically a simple chime melody from a celeste was used. Much of the underlying ‘darkness’ came from sustained string and organ notes, so the idea is that when the clear celeste surfaces it helps restore a childlike vitality and sparkle in Jess.

The tension builds to a climatic final scene where Jess, torn by sorrow, tradgedy and a new perception on life, must decide between life or the end. Here the music pushes to the forefront. Relentless bass and piano throbs shrouded in drone and sonic tension [watch it with speakers!] push and push her. Originally a stunning visual effect was to drastically impact the scene. When the FX artist fell through, and the effect was dropped, it was all up to the music to drive the scene. Thank you!