Two Shoes


I played keys with this band. It was a lot of fun to play loud and in some of the darker, dingier clubs around town. We recorded an EP and the result was pretty good. Have a listen-

RALPH DESILVER EP (2010) by Ralph DeSilver

‘BURLESQUE COWGIRL’ was a track needing honky tonk. I tracked down my great grandmother’s piano and transported it in the back of a ute. Once in place I began the niggling task of tuning the thing. All the keys worked but I was warned that if I tightened all the wires I might just warp the entire soundboard and destroy the piano. So I started loosening everything, tuning everything down. Then it seemed stupid to tune it to a concert B so I took everything down another semitone to B flat – the same key as clarinet and trumpet. Finally something makes sense, I thought. Eventually in relative tune, we were able to start recording the piano for this track. Oh, now I have to learn the part in a new key. . .