A surround sound ‘Colliderphone’


An interactive sound installation I created with Roupen Bastadjian at MediaLab in Helsinki. Your movements in space drive the sound and drama around you.

Up to 5 people are tracked individually by a Kinect infrared sensor and the sounds surrounding them are triggered and manipulated by their positions and movements. They are surrounded 360 degrees by eight individually mapped speakers as well as one ‘shower’ speaker above.

Speech recordings, sound effects and atmospheres as well as panning, reverb and modular synthesis effects form the kaleidoscopic sounds that surround the people being tracked.

Watch a video here.

Please note, the sound was recorded with four microphone then mixed into two channels for this video. Try headphones! But it’s a different experience to being in a room full of speakers.

Many thanks to Valtteri Wikström and SOPI Research Group for all their invaluable assistance and sharing. Special thanks to Krepsko Theatre Group for their memorable speech improvisations.