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Welcome to LUNIK 9

A 60 minute documentary film shot in the impoverished Kosice district of Lunik 9 in Slovakia. The film explores one very special kindergarten in Lunik 9. I scored this film, as well as the trailer, with Jacob Cartwright during 2011.

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Lunik IX was thrown together in 1995 as a solution to Kosice’s problem with the homeless, tenants unable to pay rent and persons deemed unable to adapt socially. But in its center, behind steel bars, is a special kindergarten that is an oasis for a chosen few within the virtually post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Some of the eastern Slovak city’s most artistically-gifted children come from this kindergarten and the fruits of their crafts line the walls of the interior. Self-portraits are painted along the stairwells, and snowmen and Easter bunnies stare down from the tunnels showcasing 10 years of international acclaim.

Director: Michelle Coomber
Producer: Dana Wilson, Mortal Coil Media (UK)
Producer: Peter Kerekes & Slovak TV (SK)
Editor: Marek Sulik

1 TV hour, HDV, 2011