On the Outer

An interactive radio play I created. As the story unfolds you can change perspective, hearing events from each individual character’s point of view and explore their thoughts.

Three fugitives stuck in a hide out, waiting for the law to find them are struggling to survive exile, terrible food and an ever building rift between them. Yet they continue to fight for the cause. Self-appointed freedom fighters, now deemed ‘terrorists’ by authorities, their morale and actions become evermore desperate as they turn to face reality.

Instructions: click icon below. Please use Firefox or Google Chrome.

Click ‘intro’ to hear the introduction. After this, click any character to start, then click any other character at any time to change perspective.

Later versions may include voice activated character changes. Unfortunately there are code issues at the moment with Safari on iOS.

Actors: Dave Howie, Paula Laurila, Guy Dowsett.

Gautum Vishwanath, Laura Basevi, Paully Rowe, Roupen Bastadjian.

Script and Sound Design: Guy Dowsett

Graphic Design: Maja Tisel

Thanks to Mika Tuomola.