Photographer Costantinos Anastasakis launches his World Exhibition Tour.  Exhibition includes his work for the past 10 years, documenting the world through the eyes of its children.

The exhibition’s producer approached me just a few days before the launch asking if i could immediately come up with 20 minutes of original music to accompany Costa’s photographic exhibition that would be presented on two big screens outside the Gherkin building in London, for over a month.

Watch the exhibition film here:


The deadline was urgent but the timing good. My friend and musical brother Jake Cartwright happened to be over from Italy and staying at my place. So we boiled a pot of gluggy coffee and took it into my studio for 24 hours where we worked up and fitted together a suite of original music to stand alongside Costa’s stunning images.

Costa is also a founder of the trust Our Beautiful Children. Our Beautiful Children is a global undertaking to document the faces and lives of children in every country in the world. You can view Costa’s photography by region of the world at this website, and if you’re up to it, donate to the cause.